Kaelan Naylor

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Please welcome our first Feature Athlete, Kael Naylor. Kael has played field lacrosse here in Saskatoon for a number of years and is the second in his family to play in the Scorpion Program. Kael is currently attending Canisius College in Buffalo, New York and playing Division I lacrosse for the school.

Name: Kaelan Naylor

Nickname: Kael

Dominant Shooting Hand: Left

Current Team: Canisius College Golden Griffins

Name of Coach: Randy Mearns

Years with Team: First year (freshman)

Former Teams: Saskatoon Scorpions, Saskatoon Stingers and Elev8 Horses

Years with Teams: Scorpions – 3 years.  Stingers – 5 years.  Elev8 – 2 years

Names of Coaches: Scorpions – Alan Luciuk. Stingers – Deny Johnson.  Elev8 – Geoff Snider, Bob Snider and Rhys Dutch

Favourite Pre-Game Meal: I don’t have a specific pre-game meal, but I try to eat a healthy meal that isn’t greasy or creamy.

Pre-Game Superstitions: I’m not superstitious because I don’t like to be dependent on little things to play well.

Highlight of Playing Career: Playing for Team Saskatchewan and earning a silver medal in the 2012 U19 Canadian Field Lacrosse Nationals.


Favorite Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

Food: Chicken

Sports Team: St. Louis Blues

Stick Brand and model: I don’t have a favorite stick brand but my favorite head is the STX Super Power

Least Favourite Food: Mustard

Sports Team: Montreal Canadians

Stick Brand and Model: Harrow.  Nothing against the company I’ve just never liked the way the shafts felt.